Monday, December 15, 2014

On communication

Nobody is richer than those with a loving family and friends for these are gifts no money can buy, as is health and peace of mind. I am grateful for the blessing of many wonderful people in my life, for their generosity and their love.

Reach out and touch others. Act and appreciate. With you, Dear God, we only need think and you know what is in our mind. You have a direct link to everyone and everything and there is never a busy signal or need for call waiting for you can deal with a multitude and still give each of us your undivided attention.

There is no greater one-on-one than with God. Each day you teach me more and you are at the forefront of my life. I can turn to you for all things. To watch over not only me but all my loved ones, no matter how far away.

To advise me and guide me. To fulfill my needs and to supply me with an abundance that I may share. You have brought me out of turmoil and taught me how to achieve a peacefulness I never before knew. How to go within.

You have guided me on a new path and led me each step of the way, revealing what I need to know a little at a time that my faith and trust are in you and that I may know what you are the true source of all that is good in my life.

I know you have a plan for me even though I cannot see it fully at this time. I will follow where you lead knowing that you always know what is best for us and that where I go on your path will be filled with love and light.

I see the wisdom in all your teaching and feel loved and cared for, the presence of not only yourself but your angels around me at all times. I am grateful to put my life in your hands and those of my children and grandchildren and all my loved ones. For you can be where I cannot at all times.