Wednesday, December 17, 2014

No preconception

What is my dream?
to capture and contain all the beauty around me
I guess that's quite a start...
and even as I'm beginning to blossom forth again
I feel your pain...
I sense your withdrawal...
but let me tell you friend
what I have learned....
people are lonely only because they build walls
where there should be open sea
dams where there should be free flowing waters
sometimes the depth of these housings
we cannot cross
your tears and fears are also mine
I am your strength even in my quietness
we are expressions of all earth's life
not separate entities only
and it is not right to withdraw within
for we cannot ever get away enough from ourselves
and all those who care about us
we move as the ocean... ebbing and receding
as it is part of all great growth, in great swells
as all earth moves
important to the totalness... of all
and I wouldn't want to
for then who would be there to share the view?
I am still so raw from pain
and your love has been all strength to me
in its restful way...
as all nature is
as peaceful to me as the sea I love
you have asked of me no measure to conform to
I hope you accept me for myself....
and I am awakened happy each morning
just to be able to love you a little...
to share the same earth with you
nothing you could ever do would disappoint me
I have no preconception of what you are
or what you should be, or say, or do