Wednesday, December 24, 2014

God is waiting

God created us all special, unique. He gave us the qualities we need to fulfill our purpose in this lifetime. Within each one of us resides the spirit of God ready and willing to guide us along our path. It is no accident that we were born, but divine destiny.

The little things, that seem overwhelming at the time, are really as nothing in the greater scheme of our life. They are but lessons to be learned along the way that contribute to our spiritual growth and tools that we will need in accomplishing our life's work.

Live each day as if you make a difference and you will. Life should not be put on hold while you wait for a revolution, the right person, a promotion, for your dreams to be fulfilled. Each day is a gift, how you use it is what counts.

Learn to live in faith and in perspective. Things that seem overwhelming today may turn out to be a blessing tomorrow. The question is what do we learn from what we experience? Know that you are special to God who loves you.

Don't compare yourself to others or your experiences to theirs. Although sometimes things seem to parallel, nothing is exactly the same for the players, the parts and the feelings are unique to them. But neither are we alone in the events of our lives.

We may feel isolated in our sorrow or our pain but we never are. What we choose to do, how we act or react affects those around us. So be in awareness. We cannot always prevent the pain we cause others nor should we remain in a situation that is wrong for us to appease another. It will bring no one happiness, only prolong the pain.

We must learn to release what is not ours to hold on to and trust that God will open a new door into our future. If we turn to Him, God will lighten the heaviness of our hearts and show us the way. God gives us all that we need to succeed.

It is fear that often keeps us from moving forward or blinds us to the opportunities presented. Step out in faith and He will take your hand. Move forward and He will show you the way. Ask and you will be answered. Seek and you will find. God is but waiting.