Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's in a name?

I have finally come to realize, after these many long years, that nothing is random or merely coincidence. Everything has meaning that will be revealed in time and is all a part of our personal and collective journey, including a name.

Thy mystery of why and how I came to be named is all part of a greater puzzle that is slowly being found piece by piece. It is like a clue that has given me the desire to search and like new doors opening has led me step by step into a new dimension of self discovery.

It is not so important where the journey began as it is where it leads. Everything before was preparation for what we come to experience. Nothing is random. The more I learn the more I want to explore. Others in my family were experiencing the same need at the same time, what we all described as feelings of disconnectedness.

We were in different states, in different countries, and in completely differ circumstances. Some of us had met many years before and some of us didn't even know of the other's existence but this driving desire led us all on the same journey and a plethora of people, information and global interconnections.

I know this is not an ending but a wonderful new beginning and none of us knows the extent of where the ripple effect might lead. Some family members are genealogists who happened to have the right connections to have classified and/or obscure information revealed.

Some had the time and means to travel and search. Some are talented in surfing the web to find connections and information others wouldn't have a clue where to begin. This search has brought many of us together, some while just passing through.

Synchronicity, I'm finding is a wonderful thing. It is part of a grander design at work in the universe that we are not even aware of until it brings us together. I look at my life with greater wonder now and see the roads past as the ones necessary to travel to reach the destination to where I am meant to be.

So what is in a name and the meaning of who bestowed it upon you? Much more that we see at first glance... it is the beginning our our personal journey.